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Major new article about throat lumps

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What’s going on in there?

A 19th century etching/lithograph of a human throat dissection during an autopsy.

In addition to moving my office and moving my website, I’ve also had a medical issue lately: a semi-diagnosed lump in the throat. I’ve written a long article about my throat lump that I hope is funny, poignant, interesting, and helpful to anyone who searches the Internet for “lump in my throat” or “globus.”

The article discusses homicidal shirts, uses a killer Julia Child analogy, and has a section titled “Gargle blaster.” I hope you can’t resist, despite the fact that the subject matter is completely unimportant to almost everyone. It’s an unusually personal article, an exploration of a medical problem that only indirectly relates to pain. But globus can hurt, it’s very musculoskeletal in character, involves some truly neat biology and science, and I really do think it will help some people. There are precious few detailed articles about globus out there (like, er, none), and certainly none like this.

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