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Keep it up! Neck pain reduced by long-term strengthening

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Strengthening works, but you don’t have to be quite this badass. Unless you just want to be. This is the Iron Edge neck harness.

A little strength training will propbably help a little bit, if you have unexplained chronic neck pain, but not much, not all cases, and not for long. But a lot of strength training? If you keep it up for several months? Now we’re talking!

The evidence we have for longer term training is nothing but good news: lasting improvements in strength, pain, and disability. It still hasn’t been replicated, but it’s excellent preliminary data. For more information, see Ylinen et al, or a much more detailed new discussion in my neck pain book.

(By the way, this is yet another in a series of many updates about exercise efficacy. They just keep happening.)

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