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Introducing the microblog 

Paul Ingraham ARCHIVEDMicroblog posts are archived and rarely updated. In contrast, most long-form articles on are updated regularly over the years (see updates page). updates, musings, links, news and nuggets, usually related to whatever I’m working on, and often the things that amuse me. You can always find the latest of them on the home page, plus every post ever on the microblog page, and because it’s 2019, everything is “shared” on Twitter, Facebook (and soon also via RSS, which is a little more old school but still really useful).

So why the new format? In 2010 I decided I had to “blog the process”: that is, blog about my feature articles and books while I create, update, and update them. That strategy was quite successful, to the tune of about 450 posts, including many that “went viral.” Alas, instead of blogging the process*, I found myself “processing the blog,” a dog being wagged by its tail, slaving away on posts for their own sake, often with only a foggy notion of how I would ever actually use the content in a book or major article.

Ergo, microblogging! This is a fun, efficient way for me to promote the site and show that “the lights are on and somebody’s home” … while I continue to focus mostly on the important work: creating and updating best-of-breed feature articles.

 End of post. 
This is the MICROBLOG: small posts about interesting stuff that comes up while I’m updating & upgrading dozens of featured articles on Follow along on Twitter, Facebook, or RSS. Sorry, no email subscription option at this time, but it’s in the works.