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In it for the long haul

Paul Ingraham ARCHIVEDMicroblog posts are archived and rarely updated. In contrast, most long-form articles on are updated regularly over the years (see updates page).

Permanent access to updates is an important selling feature of my books, and so some customers want to know just how long that’s going to go on. What if I’m out of business next week?

That’s unlikely. The business has been stable for years now (despite some frustrating setbacks, it’s always done well enough to carry on). And so I will continue working on my content until the end of the Internet. Or me. Whichever comes first.

I’m now pushing 50. I was still relatively young when I started this thing, its deepest roots going back 20 years, and now I’m somewhere near the end of the first act — which was all about making it into a significant thing with some staying power.

Act two will be another few to several years of “finishing” it, which means lots more writing, covering all of the topics on my wish list.

And then act three: at least 20 years of active stewardship.

That’s how it will go, if I can stay healthy enough for it, and if civilization can manage to not completely sabotage itself.

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