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Imagine if your soft tissues started to harden 

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June is Scleroderma Awareness Month. Scleroderma is a serious autoimmune disease that hardens many connective tissues — the pliable layers of fascia that wrap and every organ, muscle, and cell in our bodies. There is no cure, it’s always painful, and often fatal, but Choice Kinchen has survived for 33 years — 32 more than expected. And today he’s asking for some help.

“There is no respite from the pain or the fatigue. My ability to cope is waning in scleroderma's persistence. Frankly, I'm being worn down. I've had scleroderma more years than I haven't.”

Please donate if you can. I just did. If you can’t afford to help, just read his story and share it around: raise awareness about scleroderma.

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