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A massage therapist of my acquaintance often recommends to her patients. Delightfully, a new patient was “very impressed” by this, because she already knew about “That makes me feel very confident about your approach,” she said.

It’s amazing to know that people are using awareness of like a sorting hat. It’s quite an honour (and responsibility, of course).

More and more, professionals are using as a resource — and encountering patients who already know about it — and I would donate a kidney in exchange for insight into what motivates and discourages my pro readers from giving links to their patients.

For example, I got a note from a representative of a national professional association for a medical specialty. She praised an article of mine to the moon… but, bless her candid heart, she also specifically raised a concern that was preventing her from recommending the article to their members. Priceless! We had a nice little exchange, I modified the article, and ta da: approved for recommending to a whole bunch of doctors! So cool. And I would have been completely oblivious if that person hadn’t told me.

For every case like that, there are probably a hundred I never hear about.

Got requests? I’m listening! Ever wanted to share a article but hesitated “because reasons”? Please do me a favour and tell me about it.

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