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The Holy Shit Moment

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I got a mention in a new book, and I promised James Fell that I would post a picture of myself with my copy. So…

Great idea for a book. I remember when he first told me about it, I had a holy shit moment about his book about holy shit moments: “Holy shit! I wish I’d thought of that!”

Here’s my brief appearance in the role of Quotable Guy #7:

My friend Paul Ingraham, a health writer in Vancouver, has gone through three major behavioural changes in his life. Two of them were in the traditional linear fashion he called “forced marches across a tipping point: one desperate, determined step at a time.” The other was via epiphany, which he described as “way easier, completely irresistible. To have it was to change, no work required. Just *poof!* I’m different now.”

“Forced marches across a tipping point.” This is an apt description for what most cognitive-behavioural-change models are built around.

Now, go read more about the book.

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