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Few humans ever get to experience anything like this 

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This is an amazing story: imagine living your whole life with a diagnosis of muscular dystrophy … which turns out be something else … and something treatable! And then you no longer have “muscular dystrophy.”


Danielle Campo McLeod of Tecumseh, Ontario, was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy as a toddler. As a full-grown adult and paralympian, her diagnosis was replaced with “congenital myasthenic syndrome,” a treatable autoimmune disease that weakens muscles with activity, creating symptoms much like muscular dystrophy. It’s not surprising the two can get confused (even permanently). Dazzling diagnostic work by her doctor!

The CBC has the whole story: Former Paralympian has ‘brand new body’ with new diagnosis, new treatment.

Also, please note that CMS usually isn’t severe enough to be mistaken for muscular dystrophy, and it is yet another condition that can be subtle enough to elude diagnosis, but still cause significant musculoskeletal health troubles. There are so, so many of these!

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