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Education versus experience

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This tweet is very funny-because-it’s-true:

The tweet is great, but please also browse through some of the responses to it: lots of poignant real-life examples of patients’ stories being ignored in favour of limited book learnin’. They should be required reading for doctors (which might well be why this was tweeted by a “Professor of Primary Care”). There is often a chasm of a disconnect between what doctors know (or think they know) about chronic pain and what patients know (or think they know) from their extensive experience of it.

Dr. Greenhalgh clarifies in a follow-up tweet: “It’s not my idea — similar sentiment expressed less succinctly has been circulating for a while, and someone said they’d seen a mug with it on!” Indeed, the “don’t confuse your Google search” is actually a well-established meme, mainly for doctors and lawyers, found on many mugs and T-shirts. But the retort — “don’t confuse your 1-hour lecture in medical school” — might be an original rebuttal.

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