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Bulk books for sale! 

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Want 20 copies of my IT band syndrome book to hand out to all the injured runners you know? Cheap like borscht! 35% discount!

I’ve launched a new part of my business: bulk book sales, for clinicians and educators.

My professional readers frequently ask if they can lend books they’ve bought from me to patients or students they think will benefit. For years, my standard answer has been that I have a generous lending policy, but not that generous. 😉 If clinicians start systematically loaning books to every patient who would benefit, that’s a lot of loaning.

So what if clinicians could buy discounted bulk licenses and hand them out to certain kinds of patients? Like waiting room brochures on steroids? Perfect!

That’s the main idea, and of course it also works very well for educators who want their students to have my books.

It’s a slick little system: bulk customers get a batch of codes that they can hand out, a lot like gift cards, and then people can just use their code to activate any book they want. For information on pricing and more about how it works, see

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