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Blog hibernation

Paul Ingraham ARCHIVEDMicroblog posts are archived and rarely updated. In contrast, most long-form articles on are updated regularly over the years (see updates page).

I am putting this blog and the PainScience Facebook page into hibernation for several months at least, to free up a bunch of time for writing and research as I focus more on creating new featured articles and improving the existing ones. I will continue to Tweet from @PainSci, and fresh content updates will appear constantly on the What’s New? page.

This blog has been limping along for several years in this perpetually half-arsed way, substantive enough that I am not embarrassed by it, but still much less of a production than I originally imagined (many posts every week, with lots of smaller ones and the occasional bigger one). It has been so overshadowed by the obvious popularity the Facebook page that I wonder if there’s any point in duplicating posts in both places. If there sare people out there who value this format — the posts on the site, and the RSS feed particularly — now is a great time to let me know with a quick email or tweet. If I see enough enthusiasm for it, I will revive it! If not … maybe I will only revive the Facebook page.

 End of post. 
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