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A bit of a mouthful 

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Another professional with doubts about the concept of muscular “trigger points,” Adam Meakins, has a suggestion:

STSSOAUO doesn’t exactly roll of the tongue, but I like the sentiment: by all means, let’s (please) start regularly conceding our ignorance of the nature of this beast. Every book on the subject still reads like it’s a nearly-solved mystery, with just a few details to be filled in, which is just a tad overconfident.

And yet I don’t really have any beef with the term “trigger points.” Everyone acknowledges that there’s a painful phenomenon, and we have to call it something. Mystery points? Sufferin’ spots? Humility matters more than the label.

Meakins’ article is like a nice abridged version of my own (Trigger Point Doubts), but it’s published (behind a paywall) in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Yeah, I’m jealous.

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