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Back to work and blogging

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I’m back at my desk, working and blogging again. That was my longest break from blogging ever, almost four months. I worked crazy hard on big picture projects for all of December and January while my wife was travelling in India, and then took six weeks off when she returned (my first serious holiday in years).

Business has been great while I was gone, running well on semi-automatic, as it was always designed to do. But it’s not like nothing was happening: several contractors and collaborators were working while I was slacking, and I’ll be making some neat announcements about their work soon. It will probably take me a couple weeks to get back up to full blogging speed — I have a ginormous backlog of email, bookkeeping, and other “paper”-work — but scads of posts have been waiting in the wings since December and January.

As always, you can follow along and comment on Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe via RSS feed. (Twitter is where I’m liveliest these days.) I’ve also been working on my personal blog lately, Writerly, and I will be very active there as well — more than ever, in fact.

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