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Audiobooks project cancelled

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I have reluctantly conceded that I do not have the time or resources to make audio versions of my books. The two I have already made (for plantar fasciitis and IT band syndrome, plus several audio articles) will remain available, but there will be no more.

This is just one of several other business development projects I have recently abandoned with a sigh. The truth hurts: I can only do so much. I have recovered from the thrill of making a living online, which inspired a lot of giddy schemes from about 2010 to 2012, and now I’m getting back to my roots: I’m just a writer with a big, nice website, selling some e-books to keep the lights on. It turns out that is plenty of work for one person, forever. Ambitious product development is out of reach unless I start hiring full-time staff, which I will not do — the only kind of business I want to run is the small kind. So no audiobooks, among other things: “just” good articles, books, and a huge bibliography, passionately maintained.

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