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Another off-key attack on “pain science” 

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I continue to be amazed and disheartened by misrepresentation of “pain science” as an upstart ideology or method. Another case in point…

There is a veritable army of straw men in this huge blog post attacking “pain science” — not me or this website specifically, but the mysterious cabal of “pain scientists” that he presumably thinks I belong to. Hard to tell though, because he doesn’t criticize anyone specifically. In fact, it’s awfully vague for a 15,000-word blog post: all those words, and yet Seedman couldn’t spare a few of them to be more specific about exactly who/what he’s rebuking? Instead of quoting and citing examples of the claims he objects to, he just goes after what he thinks people like me believe… not much of which is actually the case.

Fortunately, the post is so tedious that I suspect it’s doomed to obscurity, an inside-baseball rant attacking largely imaginary villains. However, this rebuttal by Todd Hargrove is actually worth reading — it’s interesting in its own right.

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