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And another speed boost for

Paul Ingraham ARCHIVEDMicroblog posts are archived and rarely updated. In contrast, most long-form articles on are updated regularly over the years (see updates page). just got a fairly substantial under-the-hood upgrade, making key pages on the site dramatically faster — which is the second major speed improvement this month. This change will mainly improve the user experience for customers viewing their books behind the paywall, but there are other places where it counts.

This was yet another example of a website development project that took ages to pull off. There were a buttload little things I had to modernize before I could pull this trigger, and I have been chipping away at those, one or two every few weeks for so long I can’t even remember starting, pbyb a couple years. It was so exciting to be done! Had myself a little ribbon cutting ceremony here. •snip•

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