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What Works for Pain? Articles about treatments, therapies, and rehab for pain and injury

Spinal manipulation: one of the classic treatment options.

There are thousands of treatment (and coping) options for people in pain, from pills to surgeries. Scams are everywhere, but so is evidence-based hope. Get started with a big collection of pain survival tips, with links to dozens more articles about popular DIY treatments like self-massage, strength training, ice or heat, the amazingly controversial Epsom salts, and pain creams like Traumeel (arnica). I also review major therapy methods like massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture.

Dozens of articles about all specific treatments and philosophies of treatment are listed below, and has many more about specific painful problems, how pain works, and much more.

Exercise! The closest thing there is to a miracle drug

Massage therapy: everyone’s favourite luxury therapy

Chiropractic: perpetually the most controversial health care profession

Medications, gadgets & hardware


Minimally invasive procedures, injections,

Energy medicine & subtle therapies


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