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How to issue bulk licenses

A simple guide to how people can activate their bulk licenses for tutorials

So you bought some bulk licenses for ebooks for a nice per-book discount. Now what?

You are entitled to re-sell or give away all those licenses! You want to! It’s why you bought them! So, how exactly do you do that? How does it work?

It’s very easy, but it’s probably helpful to have an example or two and some guidelines. This isn’t very technical at all. It will probably more than you need to know, but it’s good to be thorough. 😉

A self-explanatory example of sending an activation link to a customer in a casual way

Hey, Jackie. So I want you to have that ebook about back pain. It’s published on and it’s basically a big webpage. You can get access to it for free by by clicking/tapping this link and just following the instructions. It’s super simple, takes a minute or two and you can start reading.


I’ll give a more formal example below, and here’s some more detail first.

Sending the activation link

So basically you send the customer one of activation URLs listed above (URL is "universal resource locator", a web address basically). You paste it into an email or instant message. And that’s the end of your involvement as long as everything goes well: activation is full automated and self-serve.

A valid activation URL looks like this:

A raw URL like that can be pasted into an email, and all email software will make it clickable (or tappable) for the recipient, even in a plain text email. (So it’s both a URL and a link in that context.)

If you use "rich text" email with formatting options, you can build a nice link, like on a web page, with clickable text such as "activate your license."

What will happen for the customer?

When the customer clicks her activation link, it opens a form on which asks for an email.

Submitting that information links the license to her specifically (and makes the license unavailable to anyone else). Their own account is created, and they are taken to their account page, logged in. The activation link is now defunct.

She will receive a "purchase" confirmation email as though she bought the book directly from me. The email contain a permanent login link for her alone. There is plenty of helpful information on the account page and at the top of the book.

A more formal and formatted example

Dear Rey,

Your course fees entitled you to a license for a ebook. is a trusted source of readable but heavily referenced guides to painful conditions. You can pick any book from an inventory of ten. To activate your license, please click this link and follow the simple instructions:


Once activated, that link will be defunct and you will have your own account. You’ll receive a confirmation email as though you’d purchased the book directly (watch your spam folder for that), and you will be logged into to with immediate access to the book.

You can seek technical support as needed from either myself or from Paul Ingraham, the publisher of

Warm Regards,

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