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About tutorial access denial

Information about being denied access to tutorials due to excessive access

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If the same customer number keeps getting used from too many different computers, warnings are issued! If the problem persists, you are given an opportunity to verify your identity and create some leeway. If the problem continues after that, access is denied.

Legitimate usage of my tutorials cannot easily trigger this lockout, and it’s really quite rare. The system is designed to allow plenty of reasonable usage of the tutorial — customers are certainly free to do some sharing with friends and family.

If you are a customer who’s been locked out for no apparent reason, here are some scenarios that might explain it. In any case, access can be restored by contacting me.

  1. If you have a dial-up internet connection, access denial can be triggered a little too easily, because every time you connect to the internet it’s like you have a “new computer” (new IP address). If you disconnected and reconnected from the internet, visiting the tutorial each time, that could cause this problem. Contact me to restore your access.
  2. You may have shared your tutorial address with just a few too many people in too short a time. If you think the amount of sharing was reasonable (2-3 people maximum really), just contact me and request restored access.
  3. You may have really shared too much by innocently publishing your access link on a forum or blog. Most people who do this were trying to recommend the tutorial to people, which is very nice. However, if you published such a link, please remove your customer ID code from the link immediately. If you aren’t sure how to do that, please contact me and I will help you out, and then restore your access.

Please contact me for assistance. It is very easy for me to restore your access upon request. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Paul Ingraham
, Publisher
Vancouver, Canada