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Rotator Cuff Mobilizations

Rotate the humerus back and forth in the shoulder joint with a complex alternating motion. A complex but important mobilization.


This exercises is a little tricky, but quite valuable. Its purpose is to stimulate the rotator cuff musculature, which is infamous for always getting injured (you’ve probably heard of “rotator cuff injuries”). Stimulating the rotator cuff is often important, because trigger points in the rotator cuff musculature often have widespread effects in the shoulder, arm and even the wrist. This is how you do it: the mobilization alternates between two quite different movements, one which twists the upper arm inwards, the other outwards. To do the first one, place your fists on your hips (with your wrists bent backwards), and pull your elbows together. Hold that stretch briefly. Now, to do the second movement, tuck your elbows right in to your side, spread the hands outwards, and then try to push the elbows forward and together. Alternate back and forth between both movements.

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