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Iliopsoas Mobilization

Alternate between flexing and externally rotating the hip (contraction), and then doing an ordinary lunge with the back foot turned in (stretch). Great for chair-bound office workers especially.


This mobilization stimulates some obscure but important hip flexors that are held in a shortened position while sitting. Step forward with your right foot in a mild “lunge” position, like a fencer. This opens and stretches the LEFT hip and iliopsoas muscle. Turn the back (left) foot sharply inwards (pigeon-toed) — this increases the elongation of iliopsoas a little more. Your iliopsoas is now quite long, but to push it one more notch, simply shift your hips down and forward a little more. Hold for a moment, and then stand up. Now contract the iliopsoas: lift the inside of the left foot as high as you can, as though you are trying to lift a glass of water on the inside of your foot. That completes the cycle for the left side. Repeat several times to mobilize the iliopsoas on the left side. Then switch to the other side and repeat several more times.

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