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Abdominal Lift

Blow your breath out, and then suck your gut in strongly while holding your breath.


This is a classic yogic exercise, best known as a longevity exercise for its stimulating effect on the internal organs. It is also a powerful abdominal strengthener, and is vital for mastering many breathing techniques. Stand with your upper body supported on your knees. Take at least three deep breaths to prepare yourself for each lift. When you feel you have oxygenated sufficiently, blow all of your air out, hold your breath, and then suck your belly in hard against your spine. Particularly focus on your low belly, below the navel. Hold the position and your breath for several seconds (go as long as you can). Relax the belly before breathing again (if you try to breath first and then relax, it can hurt a bit). Repeat at least three times, or until you are exhausted. The best use of this exercise is three lifts per morning for the rest of your life.

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