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Vibram spanked 

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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Vibram FiveFingers… now easier to make fun of than ever.

Vibram settles a class-action lawsuit about its FiveFingers “shoes,” pays $3.75 million to customers, and agrees to remove all claims that the product “strengthens” or “reduces injury” until they can be proven. I have been pointing out for years that such claims for the powers of minimalist shoes and barefoot running were premature. Interestingly, Vibram’s claims are still online for now — I wonder how much longer? — and they are just as bold and unsubstantiated as I remember.

It’s good news, but companies will keep making premature health claims as long as the potential profits trump the risk of getting spanked for it (so, forever). Lots of discussion of this item on Facebook, and I’ve updated my barefoot/minimalist article: Does barefoot running prevent injuries?

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