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Relaxation for abyssal horrors

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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Screenshot of tweet from “Roxi Horror” (@roxiqt) reading: “Breathe deeply. Relax your shoulders. Unhinge your jaw. Wrap one tentacle around the side of the cruise ship. Pull it to the bottom of the ocean. Repeat.”

Relaxation exercises are important even for abyssal horrors. 😜

Or are they? I am collecting all kinds of odds and ends about breathing, relaxation, and mindfulness right now, as I continue to work on a bunch of writing about those topics — including questioning the value of relaxation itself (for pain patients, anyway). This is one of the best recent finds.

(It’s also one of those tweets that inspires me to drop everything and just write tweet-length jokes and absurdist non sequiturs just for the sheer silly joy of it.)

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