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Now I will hurt and not work right

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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@thefourthvine on Twitter, with a wildly popular pain-related tweet:

Human bodies: If you don’t move me around, I will hurt and not work right

Human bodies: NO NO DON’T MOVE ME THAT WAY now I will hurt and not work right

Almost 19,000 likes and counting, sheesh! And from an account with a modest follower count of ~2K no less. It’s fascinating how tweets like this go viral. Clearly they resonate with people in a big way. Every time I see one, I suffer spasms of professional envy and think things like, “I really need to write some tweets in that style, crack that interesting code!” But I never actually do. I just go right back to my dorky business-as-usual thing until the next time I notice a clever little nugget I wish I’d written myself. Repeat for a decade.

A follow-up tweet from @thefourthvine:

In unrelated news, my neck hurts because I turned my head in what was apparently an incorrect way too soon after waking up. This is fine and I’m not bitter at all, even though technically my neck is designed to turn.

What perfect snarky description of the notorious morning neck crick.

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