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A laser limerick: “Lasers in physical therapy are silly”

 •  • by Paul Ingraham
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Limericks are basically old-timey memes. Here’s one by Physical Therapist JW Matheson, which he wrote for a Tweet about my laser therapy article:

Lead Physical Therapist appeared in a Navy Blazer
Said this patient’s MSK condition warranted a laser
Pew, pew, cold laser beam
Am I living in a dream?
Stunned from that Phaser
Lasers in PT are silly

🤣 I’ve included this in my the laser therapy article, because of course I have. I think it’s important for professional readers who still user laser therapy to not only read my critical analysis of it, but to also see the opinions of their colleagues — and all the better if they are whimsically expressed! See Cold Laser Therapy Reviewed: A critical analysis of treating pain and injury with frickin’ laser beams.

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