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Iliotibial band syndrome in distance runners

Sutker AN, Barber FA, Jackson DW, Pagliano JW. Iliotibial band syndrome in distance runners. Sports Med. 1985;2(6):447–451.
Tags: IT band pain, running, knee, leg, limbs, pain problems, overuse injury, injury, exercise, self-treatment, treatment, tendinosis

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Iliotibial band syndrome was diagnosed in 48 of 1030 runners treated for lower extremity musculoskeletal complaints. Most athletes had been running 20 to 40 miles a week for one year or longer and had significantly changed their distance, speed, terrain, surface, and/or shoes before the onset of symptoms. Symptoms often persisted for 2 to 6 months. All runners were treated conservatively with rest, stretching, reduced distance, anti-inflammatory medications, local cortisone injections and/or orthoses.

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