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Internet information quality for ten common foot and ankle diagnoses

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BACKGROUND: Patients use the Internet regularly to access health-related information. This study's goal was to assess the quality and content of Internet-based information for common foot and ankle diagnoses. METHODS: We identified the ten most common foot and ankle diagnoses in our academic foot and ankle practice. Ten websites for each diagnosis were identified using two large Internet search engines. A custom grading form was used to determine website quality, based upon the Health On the Net Foundation (HON) principles, and information content. Four independent reviewers graded each website. RESULTS: One hundred thirty-six unique websites were reviewed. Average HON score was 62.4 (range, 52.3-68.8) and content score was 49.7 (range, 33.8-62.1) out of a maximum of 100. Interobserver variability was low. CONCLUSIONS: The overall quality of Internet information for common foot and ankle diagnoses is variable, raising concerns about what information is currently available to patients.

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