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Pseudoevidence-based medicine: what it is, and what to do about it

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Two articles on PainSci cite Smith 2007: 1. Why “Science”-Based Instead of “Evidence”-Based?2. Trigger Point Doubts

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[Pseudo-evidence based medicine] is the practice of medicine based on falsehoods that are disseminated as truth. Falsehoods result from corrupted evidence — evidence that has been suppressed, contrived from purposely biased science, or that has been manipulated and/or falsified, then published. Or falsehoods may result from corrupted dissemination of otherwise valid evidence. These falsehoods, when consumed as truth by unwitting and well-intentioned practitioners of evidence-based medicine, then disseminated and adopted as routine practice, may well result not only in inappropriate quality standards and processes of care, but also in harms to patients.

~ Paul Ingraham

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