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What the #$*! Do They Know?

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One article on PainSci cites Scerri 2004: Why Do We Get Sick?

PainSci notes on Scerri 2004:

Although my evidence-based massage therapy practice attracted an unusually level-headed cross-section of society, for months of 2004 I was nevertheless besieged with giddy reviews of a film I loathe, What the #$*! Do We Know?!, because of its egregious interpretations of quantum physics and generally tedious new age sillyisms. But don’t take my word for it. Eric Scerri competently shreds the ridiculous scientific pretensions of the film. See also Wikipedia’s excellent article, which explains that David Albert, the most credible expert in the movie, “granted the filmmakers a near-four hour interview about quantum mechanics being unrelated [my emphasis] to consciousness or spirituality. His interview was then edited and incorporated into the film in a way that he claims misrepresented his views.”

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