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Shall Chiropractic Survive?

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BJ Palmer
Palmer School of Chiropractic

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I was the first to adjust the cause of disease .... The man who had the intellectual capacity to comprehend the displacement of the vertebrae; the mental ability to grasp the significance of nerve impingement; the power to conceive and discriminate between normal and abnormal positions; the foresight and wisdom to discern the outcome; the genius of originality to create such a unique science; the judgement needed for the occasion; the brain caliber of reasoning on this heretofore perplexing question — the cause of disease; the sense of touch required to discover a racked vertebra and the skill and tact to replace it, was the one destined to discover and develop the science which he named chiropractic.

Comments and context

David Palmer, the founder of chiropractic, was an outrageously arrogant man, as shown here, quoted by his son BJ Palmer. It is worthwhile to consider the value of any claim made by such a man, or of modern chiropractors who still embrace his views.

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