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Closing the window of opportunity …

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Adam Meakins
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October 12

PainSci notes

This is a thoughtful takedown of the popular notion of the therapeutic “window of opportunity.”

Therapies that are ineffective by every meaningful measure still often produce transient, trivial pain relief (because almost anything can). These minor benefits might be encouraging and motivating enough to constitute a meaningful opportunity to advance recovery. For instance, someone might be more willing to do some exercise, or get an extra boost fighting their nicotine addiction. For one of the better interpretations of this idea, see “Manual Therapies Make Space”.

While there’s probably some truth in the idea of a window of opportunity, Meakins argues that it’s usually just a thin, self-serving justification for using ineffective methods, “more for the therapists’ benefit rather than the patients’.”

~ Paul Ingraham, PainSci Publisher

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