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The effectiveness of the Wim Hof method on cardiac autonomic function, blood pressure, arterial compliance, and different psychological parameters

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The Wim Hof method (WHM) is a multi-disciplinary approach to physical and mental well-being combining cold exposure, breathing exercises, and meditation. This study evaluated the effects of a 15 days WHM intervention on cardiovascular parameters at rest and during a cold pressor test (CPT), as well as on various psychological parameters. Forty two participants were randomized into an intervention (IG) and a control group. Throughout the 15 days intervention, the IG performed the WHM daily. Before and after the intervention, systolic (SBP) and diastolic blood pressure (DBP), pulse wave velocity (PWV), heart rate (HR), root mean sum of squared distance (RMSSD), and standard deviation of RR-intervals (SDNN) were assessed at rest and during a CPT. Furthermore, perceived stress (PSS), positive affect (PANAS+), negative affect (PANAS−), and subjective vitality (trait (SVSt) and state (SVSs)) was determined. No significant time × group interactions could be detected in HR ( p = 0.709); RMSSD ( p = 0.820), SDNN ( p = 0.186), SBP ( p = 0.839), DBP ( p = 0.318), PWV ( p = 0.983), PANAS+ ( p = 0.427), PANAS− ( p = 0.614), SVSt ( p = 0.760), SVSs ( p = 0.366), and PSS ( p = 0.364). No significant time × group effects could be detected during the CPT (ΔHR: p = 0.596; ΔSBP: p = 0.366; ΔDBP: p = 0.999; ΔPWV: p = 0.635; perceived pain: p = 0.231). Performing the WHM daily did not exert positive effects on cardiovascular and psychological parameters.

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