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Chiropractic Science and Antiscience and Pseudoscience Side by Side

PainSci » bibliography » Keating 1997
Tags: chiropractic, manual therapy, treatment, controversy, debunkery, spine

original abstract Abstracts here may not perfectly match originals, for a variety of technical and practical reasons. Some abstacts are truncated for my purposes here, if they are particularly long-winded and unhelpful. I occasionally add clarifying notes. And I make some minor corrections.

Many [chiropractic] schools are magnets for New Agers, theosophists, magical and mystical thinkers, and those attracted by the low admissions standards and the lure of a lucractive private practice .... Moreover, since the largest chiropractic colleges tend to have the strongest commitment to dogma, fuzzy thinkers are likely to fill the chiropractic ranks for decades to come.

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