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Job’s body: a handbook for bodywork

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If you can manage the density of the language, Job’s Body is thick with creative insights into physiology and healing. Perhaps too many of them, and perhaps too creative — but very stimulating.

Juhan tries to explain why bodyworkers often seem so uncannily effective, which is a job that certainly needed doing.

In trying to explain bodywork, Job’s Body is a philosophical introduction to the science of the human body — a physiology textbook with a heart. Many chapters are devoted to pure science — just barely accessible to the layperson, and mainly offering perspective for the health care professional.

Still more chapters are devoted to pure philosophy. Juhan frequently dares to ask and answer the hardest questions in the health sciences: why and so what? It’s a mixture of the genuinely thoughtful and deepities that would drive me nuts today. (A deepity is a vague idea that sounds “deep” but is actually either profound-but-false or true-but-trivial.)

I took a workshop with Juhan many years after I first read his book. I’m sorry to say that he seemed cocky and jaded. My main impression was that he had drunk too much of his own Kool-Aid, and was bored with the subject matter.

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