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Choosing Running Shoes: The Evidence Behind the Recommendations

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Ian Griffiths debunks 4 rusty links in the chain of reasoning from “shoe choice” to “injury prevention.” I really enjoyed the way he structured his argument here. This is one of those “wish I’d written it” articles! Some nice quotes that stand out:

“ … functioning in a pronated position does not mean that you will necessarily get injured.”

“All decisions could and should be based on one main factor in my opinion: comfort. Believe it or not comfort has been linked to injury frequency reduction41 and is thought to be the most important variable for sports shoes, and a focal point for any future sports shoe development.”

“ … the current model upon which running shoes are recommended/chosen is erroneous.”

“So ‘anti-pronatory’ shoes with stiffer midsoles are actually doing what they promise to. The problem is we don’t know whether we need them to do it for us or not.”

“The word ‘normal’ is probably an inappropriate word to apply to the human body.”

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Nov 27

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