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Effects of local vibration therapy on various performance parameters: a narrative literature review


Two articles on PainSci cite Germann 2018: (1) Complete Guide to Frozen Shoulder(2) Vibration Therapy

PainSci notes on Germann 2018:

The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association isn’t exactly The Lancet, but I agree with them that “Most studies found that LMV elicits beneficial changes in the mentioned outcome measures.“ And I also agree that the research is “heterogenous“ — way too many different varieties of vibration — and probably also too shabby to draw any conclusions from.

original abstract Abstracts here may not perfectly match originals, for a variety of technical and practical reasons. Some abstacts are truncated for my purposes here, if they are particularly long-winded and unhelpful. I occasionally add clarifying notes. And I make some minor corrections.

INTRODUCTION: The therapeutic effects of local muscle vibration (LMV) remain controversial due to a lack of specific protocols. This review was conducted to better understand the effects of various LMV application protocols.

METHODS: A comprehensive literature search was performed based on title and abstract and a set of predetermined inclusion criteria. Study quality was then evaluated via the PEDro scale.

RESULTS: 23 articles were returned initially, and 21 studies were evaluated. The average PEDro score was 5.97/10. Reported outcome measures included muscle activation, strength, power, and range of motion / flexibility. The frequency and amplitude of LMV ranged from 5 - 300 Hz and 0.12-12 mm respectively, and duration from 6 seconds - 30 minutes.

CONCLUSION: Most studies found that LMV elicits beneficial changes in the mentioned outcome measures. However, the methodological procedures used are quite heterogeneous. Further research is needed to understand the optimal application of LMV.

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