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Manual Therapies Make Space

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An excellent opinion piece making the case that the goal of manual (massage) therapy is “not to alter healing, but to make the natural process feel easier and more comfortable,” and to “make space for change.” It’s compelling speculation about the non-obvious benefits of massage therapy.

Do note that this idea is quite similar to the popular trend of justifying ineffective therapies with the claim that they can create an encouraging, motivating “window of opportunity.” The thesis here is a little different, but, for perspective, do see also Closing the window of opportunity ….

~ Paul Ingraham

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At this point there is very little (if any) compelling evidence that massage or other manual therapies can heal, fix, or cure anything. I’m not saying that manual therapies are ineffective or unwarranted, but research thus far shows that manual care alone produces only short term changes. Despite their short term nature, these changes can be extremely valuable if leveraged correctly. This understanding can help set reasonable expectations and produce more favorable outcomes for everyone involved.

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