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From ‘trust us, we’re doctors’ to the rise of evidence-based medicine

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A mostly excellent article on the rise of evidence-based medicine for The Conversation.

Bradley concludes with a flourish of naive optimism, however: “With the widespread adoption of evidence-based medicine, the older clinical style has finally withered away.” Oh, if only! Not only has that old style not “withered” away, EBM is actively resisted and rejected, even by many physicians, and of course most everyone involved in complementary and alternative medicine, which exists and thrive entirely outside of EBM by definition.

In particular, in the world of manual and manipulative therapy, there’s still a strong demand for and huge supply of “therapist’s intuition.” That trade has thrived over the entire 20-year history of EBM, and for the most part therapists and practitioners of every description still regard EBM with deep suspicion, as a faddish and new-fangled thing.

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James Bradley
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Nov 21

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