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The Trigenics® OAT Research Study

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This is a only existing study of a frozen shoulder treatment, Trigenics® OAT. It was conducted by the chiropractor who invented it, based on patient data collected in his own clinic, and allegedly published in the suspiciously mysterious “Russian Journal of Manual Therapy.” I can find no record of the existence of the Russian Journal of Manual Therapy. Google has not indexed any page on the Internet that cites any paper published in it other than this one. It’s not indexed by PubMed either. If the journal ever existed, it does not exist in any form online today, which is basically inconceivable for a journal that was allegedly publishing in 2012. It’s either hopelessly obscure or fake, and I suspect the latter.

Unsurprisingly, the study claims to show “a 98% restoration of arm raise ability (abduction) within 2 days.” The risk of bias in such a study is, of course, as high as it gets — and that’s assuming it’. As the (two) authors themselves note, “it is recommended that further studies be conducted.” Understatement.

~ Paul Ingraham

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