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Therapeutic Options for Pain Problems

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Incredibly and tragically, this article has been removed from the website for legal reasons, to minimize the risk of offending some of my thin-skinned colleagues and readers. Some of them believe that critical thinking about practices in health care — asking reasonable questions like “Does it really work?” and “How do we know?” — is actually insulting and unprofessional.

For instance, the word “quackery” has become an emotionally charged and politically incorrect word, despite the fact that it refers to something that truly exists and needs to be discussed. There is fraud in the world! It’s a sad but clear fact.

This article originally presented many strong criticisms of health professions — including physicians, by the way, who have many faults as well. It was supported by numerous references to expert opinion and scientific research published in major medical journals. It attracted an astonishing amount of hate mail, and legal threats, and was simply too controversial to continue safely publishing. I think it’s all a crying shame, and probably a sign of the End Times.

Surprised? Outraged? Good! You should be. This is a ridiculous situation.